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Advantages & Disadvantages of dental implant supported denture

Pros and Cons of a dental implant supported denture


This type of denture is far more stable than the traditional denture. The implant supported denture does not cover the roof of your mouth, so there is a more natural feeling when wearing one. Care of your dental implant supported denture is easy, just remove the denture at least twice a day for cleaning. An implant supported denture will have a more firm fit than a denture held in place with just suction. Most people find it has a more natural feel as well. Chewing is often easier and you don't have to deal with adhesives or sealants to help secure the denture.


The clip and other attachments on the bar-attached denture will need to be replaced every six to twelve months. They are plastic parts and will wear.  You must still avoid sticky or very hard foods as a dental implant supported denture can break just like a traditional denture. The fit is critical so that pressure is evenly distributed across the bar that retains the denture. This may lead to more visits to the dentist to make sure the fit is proper throughout the life of the denture. If you are a smoker any type of dental implant may not be for you. Do to the healing that is involved, smokers are usually not good candidates for dental implants.

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  2. Dental implant supported denture - an overview
  3. When are dental implant supported denture a possible solution?
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  6. How much do dental implant supported denture cost?
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  9. Personal stories from people who have dental implant supported denture
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